“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” — Diane Arbus


The interplay of light and movement can distort our perception and our views at night may not always add up. Did that person you saw on a bus or walking by you on the street really want to be recognized or understood? This series explores urban isolation and misperceptions we experience in a false field of vision.

Applying our innate powers of pattern recognition, we stitch together a sense of place or even intuit an emotion from the barest of details, but there’s often so much we fail to grasp. In photography we strive to overcome visual impediments yet by making these flaws explicit we can read more deeply into our surroundings and ourselves.

The Unrealized images were shot primarily in New York, San Francisco and Southern California in 2018 and 2017.


I rarely think about time when I'm in the zone and shooting photographs, and I try never to rush my experience. But the reality is time is always a factor.

The light is becoming too bright. Or it's almost too dark. People in this neighborhood are starting to hit the streets. It may rain soon. Or someone is texting me and I need to be somewhere else.

Yet I have a much larger personal concern about time ... and I feel it even as I write these words to you. I believe that through photography we can capture and reveal the meaning of these moments. The "In a Haze" series is my ongoing attempt to come to grips with those feelings and concerns about time.

One constant in my work is a quest to find fresh and engaging subject matter outside of a studio or digital workspace. These images were shot in 2016 and 2017 in San Francisco, Oakland, New Orleans and San Diego.

In a Haze

I’ve always admired artists who strive to unshackle themselves from convention. Time is an inexorable force that through photography we can try to harness or at least learn to soften its edges.

The "In a Haze" series presents abstract, impressionistic interpretations of some of my favorite waterfront and urban places. These images are mostly the result of shooting long exposures combined with intentional camera movement techniques (in other words, it's in camera). Our San Francisco Bay climate provided the lovely haze.

Most of these images were shot in morning light along SF Bay; several were captured in La Jolla and Carmel, Ca. All were shot in 2016 and 2017.

A little more about me ...

I've been shooting photos since I was a teen and had a photo published in a San Francisco newspaper before I graduated from journalism school. I've created content my entire career; in recent years, I've pursued my dream to explore fine arts photography. 

In 2018 I joined the Bay Area Photographers Collective, a nonprofit organization with photographers who are dedicated to honing their craft and creativity.   

In September, 2018 my image “Sublimation” was included in Photo Shoot: 2018, a juried group show at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

In 2016 featured my first two public exhibitions.

All images Copyright © 2018 Rusty Weston. All rights reserved. 

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 I'm one of the "emerging photographers" at this cool event.

I'm one of the "emerging photographers" at this cool event.